#iRFLCT Movement Hits Billboard


This is crazy! Looks like the #iRFLCT social media campaign for my new album REFLECT has hit a billboard here in Charlotte! This gift was truly a unexpected blessing and a testament to when God gives you a vision he will also supply the provision!

A big thank you to GRACE OUTDOORS for their support!

New Album & Social Campaign

Yup, it’s almost that time! After months of putting in lot of hard work, my new album “REFLECT” is almost done. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’re probably very familiar with my mantra/mission statement “I Am A Reflection Not A Distraction.” The album will be based on the vision behind that statement and I hopes this album inspires you guys to be great as they REFLECT Christ, the greatest!
Join the movement and help me spread the word by tweeting #iRFLCT using the button below.

Life Is Worship – Music Video Premiere


You’ve heard the genre blending, culturally inclusive and infectious sound of “Life Is Worship”, now it’s time to experience the visual representation!

Click below to watch the premiere of the “Life Is Worship” music video AND join the movement by sharing on you Facebook and Twitter page!

Life Is Worship Behind The Scenes Video


Check out an exlusive look behind the scenes of the making of my new single “Life Is Worship”.

Life Is Worship featuring Chris Brown of Elevation Worship


Finally after many long hours in the studio plus a delayed release, I give you “Life Is Worship” featuring Chris Brown of Elevation Worship.

Listen below and please support by downloading it on iTunes (RATE & REVIEW TOO :) .



REFLECT is the official Dae-Lee clothing brand and I’m giving away FREE GEAR!!!

REFLECT was inspired my mission statement, “I Am A Reflection Not A Distraction” and just like my aim as an artist the clothing’s purpose is to encourage those who wear it to remain humble and Reflect the glory of the Jesus Christ to a word in need of him.

Sign Up below to be entered into a drawing where three individuals will be selected to win a exclusive REFLECT gear package which includes a T-shirt, vinyl stickers and wrist brands.

{ALL E-Team members are automatically entered & giveaway ends 8/4/12}

Share Dae-Lee With Your Facebook Friends


In this social networking age, when you find a good thing you share it! With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other sites, there’s no lack of ways to spread they word about things you like. As a independent artist, active fans that are willing to spread the word are invaluable. So please take 5 minutes, follow the instructions below.

Share Dae-Lee with your friends on Facebook

Below is the best way to share Dae-Lee artist page with your Facebook friends.

Follow the steps below!

Step 1

Login to your Facebook account http://www.facebook.com

Step 2

Go to http://www.facebook.com/DaeDashLee

Step 3

In the top right of the Dae-Lee artist page, click on “Build audience and from the drop down menu, select “invite friends”.

Step 4

Once the pop up appears select “search all friends” from the drop down menu and select as many friends as possible to be sent an invite to like the Dae-Lee artist page.

Step 5

Now, click the submit button to send invites.

#DaeLyrics – “HARD”


Check out the first of many #DaeLyric video blogs where I will perform a capella various released and unreleased verses. Hopefully this will bring more clarity to the message in the music.

Also make sure you leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Welcome to the Dae-Lee E-Team


If you reached this page via the first Dae-Lee E-Team email WELCOME! Thanks for being patient with me and I hope you enjoy being apart of the team. Below is a short video to welcome you and explain what to expect.

If you’re not a member of the E-Team JOIN NOW to the right!

Sleeping Giants Tour @ New Beginnings REMIX


Short story, we had a great time rocking the REMIX youth services at New Beginnings Community Church. We appreciate the trust and support of their staff from bringing us in especially on Easter Sunday.

Watch and share some footage from the day below.